Sunday, 18 November 2012

14th and 15th november


so essentially we gave each other oversized eyes, high arching eyebrows and aged each other about 40 years... sounds beautiful no?

15th November

14th November

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Corpse Bride Make-up for Halloween Party

Tonight I did a corpse bride makeup for a friends halloween party, took pictures below. Tell me what you think :)

Close up shot of makeup
                           -eyes shut

Close up shot of makeup
                                              - eyes open

            Complete outfit

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Make-up Tutorial Ke$ha We R Who We R

Comment, like, tell me what you think :)

25/10/12 - Summative Character Assessment

Today I did my summative character makeup assessment on my friend Ashley Elder, went really well, passed :) and she loved it :D

Then after passing the summative assessment I practiced one of the characters for our fundraiser: 
All in all, a really good day :D 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Task 10 - Tutorials and Fundraiser

Two tutorials on make-up that are relevant for what we're currently doing in class:

This involves making latex pieces which she sticks to her face using spirit gum, adds make up to and submits it for a Nyx competition. She made it to the top 12 but sadly didn't win.

This is a character make up of a female vampire, love the way she uses the fishnet tights to create the pattern on each temple as well as her use of colour. Amazing - she's my favourite make up artist on youtube :)

Fundraiser pictures to follow, can't wait for Halloween - next Wednesday :)

Task 9 - Dress The Pirie's!!

2 Weeks ago, our team (Lisa, Kate, Eva and myself), decided we were going to dress the Pirie's up as the Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack, Sally and Zero.


Task 8 - 23/10/12

Plays/musicals/operas on at the following theatres:

1) Tron Theatre, Glasgow:
2) Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh:
3) Citizens theatre:
4) Traverse theatre:
5) Theatre Royal, Glasgow:
6) Kings theatre, Glasgow: