Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Media Makeup - Hairdressing Day 1

So, technically this is a *back in time* thing :P

"Today" we did our first hair-curl!! :O it went... ok? I think it went in a straight line... I promise...

Ok so it was really a bit squint and I dont think my model Barbara was too impressed (but then I've never done hairdressing before of any kind and she has, so I digress).

Anyway, once dry, seemed to be fine, except for the rather obvious divide line down the back of the head..... oops? - although this is what we were aiming for so we knew 'what not to do' as a style.

To be honest it looked like train tracks... down the back of her head. (The curled hair was the parallel metal bars and the slats was the gap... pretty obvious I know).

Still lesson well and trully learnt! Don't curl hair straight down like train tracks... it's rather hideous..

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