Wednesday, 12 September 2012

SFX Make-up 12/09/2012

Today we continued with the bruising/cuts theme that we ran with last week. We were to work on a different partner to last week so Imogen was my lucky customer :)

I did a 2 day old bruise which the story was she'd been chucked off a bus on her way home around 10pm at night for having the wrong zone card. A guy jumped her on her walk back and hit her round the head with a baseball bat, splitting her nose and giving her a cracker of a black eye.

Thought I did alright, bruise could have had more depth, but considering the time limits, not a bad 2nd go, see for yourself, comments appreciated - tell me what you think:

Imogen with her bruise + cut nose - 2 days old.

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  1. Good stuff Rachel. Well done keeping blog up to date. Poor Imogen looks properly battered!!!