Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wigs and SFX make-up 05/09/12

Today we did wig fittings (I did it on a sally-head) which involved pin-curling the hair along the hair line, then folding the remaining hair over either side and pin-curling the hair at the bottom to create 2 anchor points for the stocking cap.

This was then wrapped in clingfilm and sellotaped to create a mold. Ribbon was then wrapped around the edge of the clingfilm to better keep the shape.

The mould was then drawn on to indicate the shape of the hairline with permanent marker, and any measurements were taken.


After lunch we did cuts and fresh bruising sfx make-up, using grease paint, fake blood and modeling wax.
Went well!
Everyone who got done looked as if they had been battered! (Or walked into a lampost/door frame).

This was my attempt on Nicole, thought it turned out pretty good. As fresh bruises are not fully formed yet, and are only marginally red/pink. Didn't have time to add fake blood to cut on bridge of nose - this would have enhanced the "just happened" effect. Nevertheless, job well done, if I do say so myself.