Friday, 14 September 2012

Theatrical makeup 13.09.2012

Today we did a pre-assessment for our straight theatrical makeup. Toni was my model and I felt it went quite well. Had a bit of an issue getting the balance right on blusher caught mcr easily rectified.

The end result was good and we drew up a consultant sheet where the foundation, eye shadow, blusher, mascara, lipstick, eye brow shadow and finishing powder as well as the application techniques were taken down and described. Which we will have to do again for the actual assessment, as well as for every makeup done.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

SFX Make-up 12/09/2012

Today we continued with the bruising/cuts theme that we ran with last week. We were to work on a different partner to last week so Imogen was my lucky customer :)

I did a 2 day old bruise which the story was she'd been chucked off a bus on her way home around 10pm at night for having the wrong zone card. A guy jumped her on her walk back and hit her round the head with a baseball bat, splitting her nose and giving her a cracker of a black eye.

Thought I did alright, bruise could have had more depth, but considering the time limits, not a bad 2nd go, see for yourself, comments appreciated - tell me what you think:

Imogen with her bruise + cut nose - 2 days old.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Task 2 Essential Skills 11/09/2012

Jinny, or Genevieve Houle, is Canadian-born make-up artist who specialises in body painting. She has done Belly Painting - painting the tummies of pregnant women and mother and baby duo's.  She has helped develop the Paradise makeup AQ by Mehron, she is President of Jinny Make-up Artiste Inc., Co-creator of Paradise make-up AQ, Mehron Advisor and Chief Make-up Artist at Cirque de Soleil events.

She has featured in many magazines including:

WarPaint Magazine, England
Illusion Magazine, England
Makeup Artist Magazine, United-States
Face and Body Art Magazine, United-States
Face to Face, England
ExceptioNail Beauty Magazine, Canada
Mundo Mujer, Mexico

She has participated as a professional judge in the following events:

World Body Painting Festival - Seeboden, Austria
Beauty Show - London, UK
Costumes Association - North Carolina, USA
Halloween Show - Chicago, Las Vegas, USA

She has done make-up for "Coca Cola" adverts.

She does fashion make-up, illusions, animal makeup, monsters, artistic makeup and full body paints.

A selection of Body Paints and Belly Paints:

Hairdressing 11.09.2012

Today we did full head of rollers, I did it on Shannon. Looked a bit like a blue Monroe! Shannon disagrees but I thought it really suited her. Was quite proud of my efforts! Didn't get a before picture, but got a front/side view and a back view:

Task 1 Essential Skills 11/09/2012

NASMAH - National Association of Screen Make-up and Hairdressers.

On the links page there are a few organisations and companies which you can follow to their respective websites, the one I found most interesting was which sells regular make-up, stage make-up, sfx make-up and more.

The site is really easy to use, click on the catagory and select the product. The only downside is that it doesn't give much information about each product - for this you have to google it and find out from another site. A good site for this is: they do sell their own products but also offer a detailed explanation of products, how to use them and what to use them for. Just search the product in the Search Box, and away you go.

Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax 28gThis is the cheapest modelling wax available on that I could find. @ £3.95 plus £4.20 P&P it's the cheapest option. Not used it however and *might* order it when I get home.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Theatrical makeup 06.09.12

Today we practised straight theatrical makeup again, got done a lot quicker this time - roughly 30mins, might be getting assessed next week - fingers crossed!
Did a consumer sheet after to record everything we did and applied and the way we applied it - signed by the model, ourselves (makeup artist) and lecturer to be added to the portfolio which was good.
I did imogen, and it seemed to go really well, I'm really proud of my efforts!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wigs and SFX make-up 05/09/12

Today we did wig fittings (I did it on a sally-head) which involved pin-curling the hair along the hair line, then folding the remaining hair over either side and pin-curling the hair at the bottom to create 2 anchor points for the stocking cap.

This was then wrapped in clingfilm and sellotaped to create a mold. Ribbon was then wrapped around the edge of the clingfilm to better keep the shape.

The mould was then drawn on to indicate the shape of the hairline with permanent marker, and any measurements were taken.


After lunch we did cuts and fresh bruising sfx make-up, using grease paint, fake blood and modeling wax.
Went well!
Everyone who got done looked as if they had been battered! (Or walked into a lampost/door frame).

This was my attempt on Nicole, thought it turned out pretty good. As fresh bruises are not fully formed yet, and are only marginally red/pink. Didn't have time to add fake blood to cut on bridge of nose - this would have enhanced the "just happened" effect. Nevertheless, job well done, if I do say so myself.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Media Makeup - Hairdressing Day 1

So, technically this is a *back in time* thing :P

"Today" we did our first hair-curl!! :O it went... ok? I think it went in a straight line... I promise...

Ok so it was really a bit squint and I dont think my model Barbara was too impressed (but then I've never done hairdressing before of any kind and she has, so I digress).

Anyway, once dry, seemed to be fine, except for the rather obvious divide line down the back of the head..... oops? - although this is what we were aiming for so we knew 'what not to do' as a style.

To be honest it looked like train tracks... down the back of her head. (The curled hair was the parallel metal bars and the slats was the gap... pretty obvious I know).

Still lesson well and trully learnt! Don't curl hair straight down like train tracks... it's rather hideous..


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